The GRUBBER VINEYARD EV-10 is the only one equipped with a new extensible body. This new conception allows to make a work in the center of the row, from a minimum of 80 cm till a maximum of 130 cm. The new system of vertical lift allows a large capacity of maneuver. The machine always keeps firm and closeto the tractor. This new assembly with an adjustable tension spring, quickly and easily allows the operator to adjust the entire assembly to match the warying field conditions he encoutered. The back roller levels the soil with its crossed bars, offer a work always flat and besides raises the stability of the machine.

Standard features

  • Variable blade (your choice) between straight or large blade.


  • Fixed back roller.
  • Manual back roller extensible.
  • Hydraulic back roller.
  • Hydraulic main frame body extensible.
  • Adjustable working wheel.
  • Blade n.1537-b.
  • Blade n.1512-a-cn.
  • Blade n.1547-c2a.
  • Blade n.1506.
  • Arm assembly grubber.



N° arms:5
Roller with:80 cm
Work width:Da 0,80 cm a 1,30 mt
N° arms:7
Roller with:120 cm
Work width:Da 1,00 mt a 1,50 mt
N° arms:9
Roller with:140 cm
Work width:Da 1,20 mt a 2,00 mt
N° arms: 11
Roller with: 180 cm
Work width: Da 1,80 mt a 2,50 mt